Best Islamic stories For Muslim Kids in Urdu/English 2022

best Islamic stories for kids and adults

We strive to bring the best Islamic stories to kids and adults through our web page. So kids and adults can all learn from it. There is no doubt that the Book The Holy Quran And Aha dees are full of Islamic stories. But nowhere do we want short best Islamic stories for kids and adults so that they can easily understand. The categories include moral stories, sahabah stories, and holy  Prophets (peace, and blessings be upon him). stories, and kids and adult stories.

20 Moral Islamic Stories

Different kids have different literacy styles. Some kids can learn and study effects just by constantly harkening to them, while some may not learn that way and may need some visual aid. Others might need further hands-on learning tests to learn the stylish way they can. You can book your trial class with Mishkah Academy for online Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies with an instructor. Alhamdulillah for the diversity, Allah has placed in this world. It helps inseminate empathy in us. There are 3 main types of learners audial learners( who need to HEAR to learn); visual learners( who need to SEE to learn), and kinesthetic learners( who need to DO to learn). Knowing how your child learns to be stylish can save you a lot of frustration. So following is a breakdown of Islamic predictive and moral stories into these 3 literacy styles. Please note that I can mention the whole story then, but I can write about our guests with those stories. You may get the app( free trial before deciding upon a subscription) yourself Then!


Some Books of Islamic Stories

Now you can buy these books from my website

Best 101 Quran Stories and Dua

we have a short description of this book from the writer. 101 Quranic Stories and Prayers 101 is a complete collection of great stories told in simple language that children can fluently understand and relate to. Each story comes with an affable illustration and a beautiful prayer. The book includes well-known tales of the Prophet Adam, the Prophet Yusuf, and his family; the Prophet Yunus, and the Goliath, and the last runner of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad ³ to name a few. It’s a unique experience the whole family will cherish and read about again and again! Special Features 101 Intriguing Stories pleasurable Illustrations 101 Beautiful Quran prayers Quran quotations and references About the author( s) Saniyasnain Khan Saniyasnain Khan is an Indian TV host and kids’ author, with over Muslim kids’ books to his credit. These are on subjects relating to Islam and a number of them have been restated.



2: best is : This is Why We Pray

Add Alia and Ammar as their Mama and Papa. Tell them about the five pillars – especially Salat. One of the most fascinating Islamic books for children, this book helps you learn what prayer means and how it can help you draw closer to God. And listen to great stories from the Qur’an that teach even more about the importance of prayer.

Ramadan Bedtime Stories:

But…Who is Allah?: 

Inspiring Islamic Stories for Boys and Girls Volume 1

My First Book on Hadith for Children:

Mecca, Baghdad, Cordoba, and More

Islamic Manners And Values

Tell Me More About Eid-Al-Adha:


Benefits of Islamic stories








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